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Altozano, Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc

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A white wine from the D.O. Castilla with selected bunches of Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc with an alcohol content of 12.5º.

Deep, elegant greenish flashes. Explosive union of delicate aromas of white and exotic flowers with scented tropical fruits with mineral tones. A tempting mouth with a long persistence.

Variety: Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc

Origin: VT Castilla (Castilla La Mancha, España)

*Note: when the wines are bottled, an ‘X’ ​​number of bottles come out, once they are finished, the following year's vintage is sold and so on and so forth. The year shown in the bottle label might not correspond with the one customers will receive although the photos here are updating regularly to avoid confusions.


Serve at between 8º and 10ºC with mature cheeses or fish, mollusks such as mussels or crustaceans such as lobster.

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