Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Ham

Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Ham

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"The elite brand of all Spanish Iberian Hams."

This exclusive product comes from the hind legs of the 100% Iberian pig raised free range in the meadow woodlands of the Iberian peninsular southwest.

Cinco Jotas acorn-fed 100% Iberian Ham is a very healthy product in all its forms. It is an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet.

Its long, slow curing process lasts for over two years, between 30 to 42 months. Those curing processes are always carefully monitored until dispatched.

The curing processes are carefully monitored until dispatched.

Due to the hand-made, artisan nature of our cured meats, each item varies in size and weight.

Minimum weight guarantee for this product, 7kg.

Origin: Jabugo, a town and municipality located in the province of Huelva, Spain. 

Consumption: Because of its intense flavours you may eat it with traditional bread and other Iberian products. Best served at room temperature.