Sheep's Milk Manchego Cheese With Black Truffle 200g

Sheep's Milk Manchego Cheese With Black Truffle 200g

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A perfect balance between the great aroma of a natural truffle, with its taste of roasted and sweet dried fruit, with the flavour of sheep's milk cheese, offering fruity and floral nuances, with notes of toasted hazelnut.

Made with pasteurised sheep's milk with and a minimum curing of 180 days.

This cheese is highly acclaimed by the public and appreciated by chefs and gourmet experts.

Due to the hand-made, artisan nature of our products, each item might vary in size and weight.

Minimum weight guarantee for this product, 200g.

Consumption: At the time of the tasting, it is advisable to take it tempered, around 20 or 25ºC. The first flavours that will reach your palate are those coming from the aroma of the truffle, and then gradually awaken the characteristic flavour of the cheese. Once opened, keep refrigerated. Inedible cheese rind.