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Whole Artisan Manchego Rosemary Cheese & White Wine,

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1 x Whole Artisan Manchego Rosemary Cheese, treated with butter and chopped rosemary that gives it a taste, smell, and special texture. Its crust is golden and compact having a flavour neither too dry nor too creamy.

Due to the hand-made, artisan nature of our products, each item might vary in size and weight. Minimum weight guarantee for this product, 3kg.

1 x Spanish Artisan Mini Breadsticks, Picos a gourmet Spanish mini breadsticks with an unmistakable flavour and unequaled texture.


1 x Casa Manolo, Albariño (Limited Edition) artisanal elaboration limited edition white wine that brings the nuances of the Albariños of yesteryear with a unique fruitful and sweet taste.


Once opened, keep refrigerated. Inedible cheese rind.

Shipping Information

Ships within 1 to 3 working days. For deliveries outside of the UK mainland please get in touch with us