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Cured Meats, Drinks and Delis (Small Hamper . Free Shipping)

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Product Description

A combination of some of our best selling cured meats and delis accompanied with Rioja red wine and two bottles of Spanish Cava. Free shipping included!

Contains 10 items and a small hand-made wicker hamper (39 cm x 26 cm Depth 15 cm).


1 x Cecina Iberica, Slices
1 x Iberico Bellota Shoulder, Slices
1 x Iberico Cebo Mix Salchichon and Chorizo, Slices
1 x Iberico Bellota Pork Loin, Slices
1 x Spanish Artisan Mini Breadsticks, Picos
1 x Pitted Queen Olives in Paprika & Garlic
1 x Cantabrian Anchovies


1 x Beronia Rioja, Gran Reserva
2 x Cava Codorníu Sparkling Wine, 20cl

Due to the hand-made, artisan nature of our products, each item might vary in size and weight. Minimum weight guarantee for each cured meat product, 100g; for the cheese, 175g. Cured meats and cheese come vacuum packed so that you get its full intact aroma.

Custom Hampers are also available under request! Get in touch with us at to learn more about it.



Shipping Information

Ships within 1 to 3 working days. For deliveries outside of the UK mainland please get in touch with us