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Cecina Iberica Slices 100g

Cecina Iberica Slices 100g

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Savour the irresistible taste of Cecina Iberica de Leon Slices. Crafted from premium smoked beef, these exquisite slices offer a harmonious blend of robust flavours and delicate textures.

Each slice is a testament to the art of traditional Spanish curing, resulting in a delectable balance of smokiness and natural richness.

📍 Origin Of The Product: Our Cecina Iberica de Leon Slices originate from the region of Leon in Spain. This renowned region is known for its traditional methods of producing high-quality smoked beef. 



Keep in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days. Best served at room temperature.

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Gluten Free

Our selection of cured meats is gluten-free, ensuring that individuals with gluten sensitivities can indulge in these delectable options without any concerns.

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